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The Fuse Five


At Fuse, we don’t stress membership - we emphasize participation.

We are not a church of consumers, so becoming a “member” of Fuse Church is becoming an active participant in a family…a powerful “relational movement” that is UNITING and IGNITING to see lives changed and God’s Kingdom advanced!

First things first, we invite you to get more acquainted with Fuse Church by checking out our Fuse Track.

Then, there are five key ways we encourage you to become actively involved, which include: regularly gathering to worship on Sunday’s, creating community by connecting in a Fuse Group, serving on a Fuse Team, giving back to God through tithing, and inviting friends and family. We call these categories of involvement THE FUSE FIVE.



Our Sunday Worship Experience is when we gather our entire church family together every week. Make it a priority to participate in our main worship experience every Sunday - don’t miss! Sunday services are an amazing opportunity for you to connect and grow with God as well as bring those you know who are far from God or disconnected from a church family. If you must miss a weekend, you can watch or listen to the messages online for free.



Fuse Groups are the environment where you can connect and “do life” with others. Fuse Groups are the hub of relationships in Church life. We believe that belonging, care, and spiritual growth happen best with relationally-connected believers. Groups meet once a week (or at least twice a month) in homes, businesses, restaurants, coffee shops, or any other variety of places. The groups change and begin again three times a year, so you have the opportunity to try out different ones. You’ll never fully experience all that Fuse Church has to offer until you plug into a Fuse Group!



Fuse Teams are the environment where we serve. Serving is not only a key to growing spiritually, but it also helps you build friendships, get more involved and make a difference in other people’s lives. Fuse Teams are all about “Serving God by Serving Others”. There is simply no greater joy than to know your are being used by God in a way that makes an eternal impact on others. Go ahead and jump into Fuse Teams and become a part of what God is doing through Fuse Church. It’s a decision you won’t regret!



We give to the mission. God has given so extravagantly to us in providing for our salvation and freedom and it is an honor and a privilege for us to be able to give back towards the mission to see lives changed and God’s kingdom advanced. It’s so rewarding to know that every dollar you give to this local church is going to fulfill that mission! Together, as we give sacrificially, we are making an eternal difference! Those who call Fuse their “home” church regularly give a tithe to the Lord. The word “tithe” means “tenth” and it is a way of honoring God with the first 10% of our income.



It doesn’t take long to figure out this place is just different. Special. A church where you can come just as you are. Messages that make sense, that you can apply to your life. A place your kids actually want to be! Fuse Church is simply a place you’ve got to come and see. When your new favorite restaurant opened in town you told your friends, “You just have to try it!” When that academy-award-winning movie premiered, somebody told you, “You’ve just got to see it!” People who love Fuse Church invite their friends because they’re convinced they’d love it too. And not because you’re trying to get something from them; you want something for them! Our Sunday Worship Experience is designed to be the perfect service to invite your friends and family to.

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315 S Mohican St
Knoxville TN 37919

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