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with Dunstan Kendrick—Coach “D”


Dunstan Kendrick, Coach “D”

Dunstan Kendrick, “D–BLOCK”, is an exercise specialist in fitness training and high intensity interval training. He heads his own SPARQUE program (speed, power, agility, quickness, reaction, explosion) for athletes performance and is one of the most sought after, private quarterback position coach in East Tennessee. Dunstan is a native of Madisonville, Tn a graduate of Sequoyah HS, where he earned regional and state accolades in football, basketball, and baseball. Dunstan is a collegiate graduate and an alumni of Western Carolina University. There he was a 4 year scholarship letter man on the Western Carolina football team (1999 – 2002) and earned a Bachelor of Science degree – Major: Sport Management. Concentration: Exercise Science/ Fitness Management; Minor: Marketing (2003). Dunstan also served as a Graduate Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach at University of Tennessee (2002 – 2005).


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D-BLOCK H.I.T: High Interval Training (H.I.T) is high volume cardio, high volume resistant and high volume metabolic interval style of training produced solely by Dunstan. Derived from numerous popular and familiar exercises. D-BLOCK HIT also challenges you with some unorthodox exercises. This is geared to challenge you mentally and physically. The 60-75 minute training class is a non-stop caloring burning workout leaving every muscle in your body being used in its own functional way. The workout varies during each class. One minute you may be sprinting. The next minute you are conducting body weight plyometrics. Followed by Olympic power lifting and finishing by isolating your favorite body part. D-BLOCK H.I.T by far will be the toughest workout you will ever do.

D-BLOCK F.I.T: Fitness Intensity Training is a series of exercises formatted into circuit training. The use of specific machines focusing on a particular muscle is the way to go if you are beginner to training or even a season veteran looking to maintain your current BMI (Body Mass Index). The circuit is a set up and easy for you the member to follow. The arrangement of the exercise machines are positioned throughout the fitness floor area. This is so, for you to keep a good flow and tempo in burning calories. The use of free weights are also available. And Dunstan himself or anyone on his staff in which he specifically hand picks will be able to assist you.

D-BLOCK LOFT: Ladies Only Fitness Training is strictly for the ladies. This style of training is to promote a non-intimidating environment and style of training that does not overwhelm the member/client and begins with the basis of exercise, technique, form and being active. The use of resistant cords/bands, light dumbbells, your own body weight, exercise machines and cardio equipment make this style of exercising ideal for those just getting started on the fitness endeavors. This program also involves direct access to our nutritional program.

D-BLOCK MAN-UP: This class is strictly for men. Not many of us, may have the body we once did at 18yrs old anymore. We have retired the ole collegiate football jersey and started on with life. There is no need for you to bench press 300lbs and squat 400lbs but there is a need to continue to stay active and fit. MAN-UP is exactly what you are needing to maintain and promote longevity in a fitness lifestyle. This style of training and exercise regimen is to keep you in the game by conducting exercises using free weights, exercise machines, cardio machines and overall strength and conditioning. This program does not care how fast you can run or how much you can power clean. This program just wants you to MAN-UP and become accountable again for your overall health, wellness and fitness. This program also involves direct access to our nutritional program.

D-BLOCK ATHLETE PERFORMANCE TRAINING: D-BLOCK Athlete Performance Training regimen is for athlete’s development in Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction, Quickness, and Explosion. The D–BLOCK SPARQUE program is a 12 week developmental/progression regimen for athletes (9–18yrs old) and collegiate athletes involved in football, men/women basketball, baseball, softball, track and men/women soccer.

D-BLOCK QUARTERBACK TRAINING: Position specific training for youth and high school quarterbacks ages 9–18 years old. The developmental program focuses on footwork, throwing mechanics, quarterback awareness, reaction and release, defensive reads and SPARQUE (speed, power, agility, reaction, quickness and elusiveness)

D-BLOCK TEAM TRAINING: Sport specific training for particular sport teams. The training program is designed specifically for the sport incorporating speed, power, agility, reaction, quickness, and explosion. Teams must consist of 10–15 players/teammates.