At Fuse Church we are all about seeing lives changed and God's Kingdom advanced, both locally and globally! For us, to see this mission fulfilled is not just a side is what we give our time, money and very lives to. Every day in our city and around our world, people are suffering and dying from the effects of sin, poverty, sickness and injustice. But there is hope! We believe the local church is the hope of the world because we carry the light of Jesus Christ in the midst of darkness.

Whether locally or globally we make it our mission to see lives changed and God's Kingdom advanced by serving others, caring for orphans and widows, feeding the poor and hungry, helping to rescue and restore those trapped in the horror of modern day sex slavery, preaching the good news of the gospel, seeing the sick healed and so much more. You were born for such a time as this and created to be a light in the darkness. Join us, as together, we are seeing lives changed and God's Kingdom advanced!

Operation Fuse 2013 Recap

Every year, we take a special missions trip all the way to our own city! This is an entire week of showing God's love by serving the city of Knoxville! Check out this video from Operation Fuse 2013: