We are on the ground floor of the greatest move of God that Knoxville has ever seen! We are also in Phase 1 of transforming the building that God has provided for us as we re-position in order to steward the incredible harvest that is coming.

For Phase 1, we need to raise $400,000. We are already almost halfway toward fulfilling that goal!  Together, we can do this!

Finishing Phase 1 means that we will be able to move in to our new building. It also means that we will be ready “to see lives changed and God’s Kingdom advanced” in a welcoming environment; directly visible from the main highway in Knoxville.

There will be much to complete after Phase 1, such as, administrative offices, the exterior of the building, additional parking, and more. But our focus right now is getting the ground floor ready to become the kind of place where everyone can come and experience the love of God without distraction.

We have an amazing opportunity and unique opportunity with this building. This building has one of the largest fully featured indoor soccer fields in East Tennessee. We already have a list of sports leagues, as well as other churches and organizations that want to begin using the field as soon as possible.

This indoor soccer field has the potential of becoming an amazing outreach tool and connection point to affect an entire region with the gospel of the Kingdom! Unfortunately, building codes have changed since it was last open to the public, and because of that we have a lot to do before we can open up this side of the building.

Ultimately, we are building something here that we believe will become a model for churches and ministries all over the world: advance God's Kingdom and transform cities — to make Jesus Christ famous!

To those local and to our longtime friends and ministry supporters around the world, will you help us? We truly believe that what we are building in Knoxville will be key to our calling to duplicate this Kingdom Expansion in cities all over the world. This means we need YOU!

If each of you reading this could donate something towards seeing lives changed and God's kingdom advanced, then we could easily knock out this $400,000, and beyond!

Will you take the next step toward Phase 1? We have three clear goals that we boldly ask you to commit to:


OUR VISION is to see lives changed and God’s Kingdom advanced. We want to impact the very culture of our region by bringing the lost to Jesus and strengthening people’s relationship with God and with others. For the past four years, we have had the opportunity to affect the lives of our own church family and our community in many ways. Yet, as we prepare for our future, we know that we can not adequately continue to advance in this vision without the proper facilities.

OUR PROVISION has always come from God. Once again, God has provided at the right place and at the right time — and it’s even better than we anticipated. We now have a huge building, with a ton of potential, right on the main highway through Knoxville. Our new 67,000 square foot facility at 1501 Kirby Road is the facility that will enable us to fulfill the vision that has been placed on our body.

OUR OPPORTUNITY to advance is now upon us! With the purchase of this building comes the need for a first phase build-out so that we can begin occupying it as a church. We need you to be “all in” as we work together during this exciting time. We are asking you to invest yourself along with us to see three specific goals fulfilled.


This is the most important area in preparing our new building for God’s purposes. Ask the Lord to cover this building and all of it’s activities. In this key area there will be private prayer and fasting times asked of you, as well as called corporate times of prayer and fasting.


Invest yourself in using the talents God has given you to be a benefit to the first phase construction process. Whether your talents are in skilled labor or in simply cleaning or picking up around the facility; all types of service is needed. This is a vital area of involvement which will help keep costs lower.


This is the practical area of commitment necessary to move into our next season of expansion. As a church family we are joining together financially to prepare the new house God has provided for us. There is no limit to what God can do when we commit together to give generously.