At Fuse Church we have a heart to minister to people in a way that “empowers” them to be transformed into the person God is calling them to be, and to this end, we work with people to help get them healed up and set free from the things that keep them bound and hindered. We also work to help people walk through the various seasons of their life, both in times of celebration and in struggle.

There are two main lines of Care ministry at Fuse Church:

First Line of Care

Fuse Groups: The first step to receiving personal ministry at Fuse Church is to make sure you are plugged into a Fuse Group. When it comes to pastoral care, the Bible describes the Church as a body of people who minister to and take care of the needs of each other. So our Fuse Groups are the main environment and the first step for personal ministry at Fuse. Click here for more info on Fuse Groups.

Freedom Ministry: We offer a discipleship process to train you to walk and grow in the freedom Christ has provided. That process includes personal prayer for freedom and wholeness, a L.I.F.E. Class (Living In Freedom Everyday), and the opportunity for a Personal Freedom Ministry Session. Click here for the schedule and for more information.

Church Life Department: (serves in the following areas of need)

  • Pastor on Call / Emergency Line (only to be used "after-hours" or in case of emergency)
  • Hospital Visitation
  • Weddings (including pre-marital counseling)
  • Funerals (including bereavement)
  • Water Baptisms
  • Financial Aid
  • Baby Dedications

Second Line of Care

Short Term Pastoral Counsel based on Biblical Principles (2 sessions)

Professional Counseling Referral

For any of the needs above please contact us: